Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jim and Mary - Humor

Jim and Mary are patients at a Mental Hospital

They have been living there for quite some time and every morning when its nice outside they go and walk around the grounds.

One day on a nice March morning they are walking the grounds as usual when all of a sudden Jim jumps into the deep end of the pool and sinks to the bottom. As soon as he does this Mary jumps in after him and pulls him out essentially saving his life.

Well, word of Mary's good deed spreads around the hospital and the next morning she is called into her doctors office.

The doctor says to Mary "I'm quite sure you know why your here... you've been her a few years and if you remember correctly you are here because a judge ordered it because you had no sense of harm to other people and since you saved Jim yesterday it is clear that your stay here has helped so we have decided to have you do a live at home program where you live one week at home and one week here... what do you think about all this Mary?"

Mary after hearing all this is just ecstatic she can finally live at home, sleep in her in her own bed and eat her own food. Shes about to say that she loves the idea until the doctor cuts in.

"I do have some bad news though... as you probably know Jim was put here because of his multiple suicide attempts, what you saved him form was one of his attempts but I'm sorry to say that even though you were successful yesterday this morning we found that Jim had hanged himself in his bathroom, I'm sorry"

Mary looks confused and says "You have it all wrong doctor Jim didn't hang himself that's just where I put him to dry"

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