Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lazy New Year

Lazy New Year everybody!

Well, strictly speaking this happened a while back and not today, and I'm writing this the day before New Years in the old and decrepit Old Year 2013, but hey, you wouldn't know that unless I told you.

Oh wait... I just did.

Never Mind That!  Don't look at the man behind that curtain!  The Great and All Powerful Moose commands you!

Rack has a few Spots around the yard.  I don't know why he chooses to sit at them, but you could draw a chalk outline around him when he plops down and next time, he will put himself almost exactly in the same spot.

One sunny day I let him out back.  I try to do it when he gets antsy, or when I just want to have some yogurt in peace.  Since he has a stare that will melt steel, it is easier for me to just let him wander out back when I have breakfast.  This particular day he was particularly antsy, and particularly hungry.  It was also lunch hour so while I was indoors making something in the kitchen particularly Mooseworthy, I let him out.

I wasn't particularly looking forward to him staring me down.

Right about the time I finished lunch, I looked out and noticed that he was staring at me through the kitchen window.  Not just through the kitchen window but the reflection of it in the sliding glass door.  Yes, My McNab Dog, Rack, the smartest breed out there (don't tell the Border Collies) knows how to use a mirror.

By the time I got the camera, he was noticing that I was standing in front of the sink again.  Smiling at me, I managed this picture.  I'm always surprised by that smile because he's so fearful.  The other day, walking across the street from a neighbor who is a Veterinary Surgeon, he commented that every time he ever sees Rack, he's smiling.  I guess he really likes that particular block... a lot.

What it has to do with New Years Day?  Bloody nothing.  Just enjoy your day by the pool just like Rack did.

Happy New Years, no matter where you are.

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