Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Roof Anyone?

It's all over but the clean-up... and the second payment.

My roof was finished last week and I had to climb up to get some pictures.

Then, I rethought the whole climb up thing.  After all, I'm a big guy and these tiles will crack.  I've been up there before and there really wasn't a reason for a second go.  No frisbees, no water rockets, no toys were up there.

This is a solid expanse of terracotta.  You can see the variegation in the tiles, there are splatters of black and tan throughout and it's baked in.  That means that it may get dirty but it won't wash off.

We've already gotten complements on how it looks, and it really is striking.  When I saw these tiles in the showroom I was drawn to this one and a much lighter peach.  The peach lost because it is too close to the Broward County color that is on the house already.  Apparently you can get free paint from the county which is a nice benefit if you like their colors.  

We do, and it is overdue for painting, although we've got to wait since there's some more work that needs to get done on this box of rocks.

The "before" roof was a solid terracotta color, although you'd be hard pressed to know it.  They got mildewed over the years, but since it was a uniform dinge, it wasn't obvious to us.  When this gets mildewed we'll know it.

I've got a couple other pictures.  There's a view of just the tiles in a closeup that is in rotation in my desktop background pictures on the laptop.  Rather nice picture if I do say so myself.

I'm glad we're enjoying the thing because it cost as much as a "good used car" to replace the old one.

Like I said, all over but the second payment. Rack, my dog, is thankful for that.   He's taken to hiding behind the furniture because of all of the disruption around the house lately.  He's going to find his hiding places filled with random small boxes to make it more difficult for him to hide. 

Can't have a dog that acts like a cat!

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