Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day Card Anyone?

Valentines day falls on the same day as trash day on my quirky little neighborhood on my quirky little island.  Coincidence?  Perhaps.

It also means that I woke up to a giant red heart of chocolate goodness in the refrigerator.

Awww... who doesn't love chocolate surprises at 5:30 in the morning?  If you don't you're bad and you should feel bad.

It was a wonderful surprise.

All of that was what I was thinking when I was doing my normal trash day activity.  Pulling weeds.  I'll admit that I'm crap at gardening.  A few big plants and the rest needs to survive a quick "weedeatering" of the yard.  Edge and done.  It's not always that brief, but you can hope.

Outside wondering why I was doing it, feeling every hit my knees ever took in Football, Inline Skating, a Car Accident or two, and falling off my bike at age 12 or so all ran through the empty walls of my mind.

But I do have plans for the day.  It involves heat, chocolate, a little alcohol, and a bit of TLC in the kitchen.  After all, it is impossible to surprise someone with a home made surprise at the right time if you make it the day before. 

Much better than the silhouette that I was making, bent at the waist, looking like those yard signs of "mom's butt" you would see in Pennsylvania because someone with a woodshop, router, and blue and white paint thought it was cute.

On the other hand, it did look amusing when I saw it on Ramblingmoose TV.  That's our security camera set up.  Walking back and forth, pulling handfuls of weeds, a little coleus, and looking foolish on video at 16x normal speed is my goal.

Happy Valentines Day.  If you're not a gourmet cook, you're a bit late and I won't help until I make the stuff.  Recipes come later.


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