Thursday, February 20, 2014

Xmas in February

This year, so far, we are THAT house.

You know, the knuckleheads down the way?

Those yahoos who didn't take down their holiday decorations "in time"?

It started about week before Xmas.   We got the wreath late.  It's nice, the old one dried out in the hot attic space, and the other one didn't survive being in the shed.

Yes, the Other One.

It became a nest for geckos and there were a bazillion little white gecko egg shells in it.

Bazillion.  Even more than a kajillion.

Then we grew used to it being there.  Went away, came back, forgot the wreath was on the door.

The next time either of us noticed was last week, thanks to Lisa.

Lisa had asked Bill whether he knew if I was going to take it down.  I deferred to Kevin, after all he put the thing there.

"Oh, it's a Kevin Thing! (TM)"   That explains it!

Besides there's a house a block away and around the corner that keeps their holiday lights up all year around.  I really enjoy that house.  In fact I need to go there, camera and tripod at the ready, and take some Night Shots.  The owner will switch out some of the candy canes for other holiday "holiday appropriate" items through the year, and try to keep it somewhat current.

There's a tree up in the Tower down the way.  It's encrusted with white lights and strings of lights in a grid inside their balcony area. 

There are a few houses and apartments with little bits here and there.

So there.   My wreath.  I'm enjoying it and that's that, right?

For now, at any rate.

While going through the shed the other day, I did find the xmas candle lights that hadn't gotten used in a couple of years.  I could pull THOSE out too!

But the wreath?  It will come down when we get bored with it.  I'm just enjoying living up to the reputation of the Quirky Little Island and the Quirky Little Islander.

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