Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rainbows and Palm Trees

It's time for a breather.

The morning calm before the storm.  It's like when the neighbor kid is learning to play the drum.  He's in a garage band banging on those skins all the time, then, all the sudden...


You get a clear radar after a couple days of rain and it's that same sort of feeling of antici... 


Rocky Horror aside, that's what we've got.  They're predicting storms today, but for the moment, quiet and sun.

On the other hand, This Ain't Nothin'.  Hurricane season is a month off.  June 1.  We're early.  Start looking over your shoulder. 

Eat all the Good Stuff from the freezer.  You should have had that steak back in February!

We had a proper power outage the other day.  Call it a dry run.  Five hours into it, the ice was still solid, the milk was still cold, even though Lunch was at the middle of it.

Set a roll out on the counter, grab the Jelly while you have the fridge door open, grab the peanut butter.  Lunch will be the old school favorite.  Next, quick, get the Iced Tea carafe from the fridge since you forgot to grab it before, set it on the counter.  Get your glass, and fill it with ice.  Got to have something cold to wash down the PB&J with.

Meanwhile, the laptop batteries are getting low, the machine has been hibernated.  Play with the AM radio to see what you can find.  Less noise on the band since all the equipment in the house is dead quiet.  There's this weird radio station way down at the bottom of the band playing something resembling Elevator Music and a Spanish speaking announcer.  Curious...  I swear I heard "Matamoros", a city near Brownsville, TX I believe.

A power outage gives you a chance to look around and do things you were procrastinating on inside the house.  There is always a lot to do, and the power could come on any minute.

Or not.  Five hours later the fans whir to life, and you finally figure out that you were listening to a radio station in Cuba.  Weird.

But today, so far, sunny.

Time to get some real things done, bring home the bacon.

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