Sunday, April 19, 2015

Truth Assessing Robot

A father gave his son a robot. "The robot is always able to tell if you're speaking the truth. If you lie, the robot will slap you."

One night the son comes home really late. The dad asks, "Where were you?"
"At the library." Bam! The son gets slapped.

"Where were you really?"
"At the movies."

"What movie were you watching?"
"Ten commandments." Bam! He gets slapped again.

"What movie were you really watching?"
The son gets on his knees. "I'm sorry dad, I was watching an adult movie."

The dad gets angry. "When I was a kid, I never did that kind of stuff!" Bam! The dad gets slapped.
The mom walks in. "You two are so a like there's no doubt you're father and son." Bam! She gets slapped.

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