Thursday, May 21, 2015

Removing a Catheter is a Happy Dog Day

Pretty simple really.  We had to be at the Vet's by 9:30.  We were about 5 minutes late. 

Rack needed to water the tree first, anyway.  After a day of being pumped full of fluids, he needed to pump them back out.  He also drank a full bowl of water.  That's 28 ounces according to the Fridge.

After going through sepsis from a dog bite, and spending the entire day in a crate, he seems to be back to his normal self.   Almost, anyway.  Standing up is still a little stiff, but the first walk this morning was done with him dragging me for a mile around town on his four legs instead of him doing the tripod hop on three.

I've still got a course of antibiotics to go through, and there is one last "exit" visit to the vet on Saturday Morning, but I think we're good.

Nothing like a nice quick visit.

 They will tell you they're feeling better.   Instead of Rack wanting nothing to do with anyone, we were greeted by him being excited and whiny.  Whine to say hi to the vet tech.  Whine to say hello to the puppy in the back.  Whine to the nurse.  Whine to the door to go out and water the tree, yet again.

But he's on the mend. 

He even whined at another car on the way back. 

That's a bit of a surprise.   You see there was a delivery truck near us too.  Rack has a strange habit around big trucks.  He tries to avoid them.  He avoids them by diving down behind the seat in the back and trying to make himself as small as possible.   Since I was sitting in the back with him taking up half the back of the four door Accord, it wasn't possible.  Instead, he whined at that truck, tried to dive under the blanket, then bailed and simply watched the truck from next to me.  All the while he was doing that, he was staring a hole through it from the seat.

Silly dog.

But definitely on the mend, no matter what.

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