Friday, May 8, 2015

Three Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

Ok, no matter how good or how bad a baker you are...

You can make this recipe.

Seriously.  Three ingredients.  It falls together.   Add your ingredients to a large mixing bowl.  Mix with a dinner fork until even or smooth consistency.  Bake at 350F for about 10 minutes or until they begin to look golden.

The hardest part of this recipe will be leaving them to cool for the right amount of time - a minimum of 5 minutes.

Really.  Go sit and watch TV for five minutes longer.  Find a great song on the radio.  Let the dog out in the backyard.  I don't care.  They have got to sit and "harden" a bit.

The taste?  Classic peanut butter cookie.  If you like them, use this recipe.  It really is great.

Now the nitty gritty.

They are peanut butter cookies.  Each one is 20 grams of batter and yes I weighed them out.  Thats a bit more than a teaspoon or exactly .70 ounces.  Use a scale.  That gives you a 100 calorie cookie, without the chocolate kiss.

The peanut butter.  Common every day supermarket brand peanut butter complete with all the junk like sugar that they add to it.  In this case the good/healthy stuff you grind up yourself (you mean you don't?) will change the recipe.  I used what I had on hand from last year's hurricane supplies and it was cheap but it did not have that nasty High Fructose Corn Syrup according to the label. 

Crunchy vs Creamy Peanut Butter?  You choose.  I used crunchy because it was what I had on hand.

Why am I using a gram scale?  More precise.  I'm not going to try to measure out .70 ounces of batter, and I do want to make sure that I can have two and not blow the diet.  While I am a tall and athletic type, I remain tall and not "Big" because I do watch what I eat within reason, and portion control is your friend.

All weights are both in grams and US measures where appropriate.  The batch yields just under 2400 calories worth of cookies, so you're on your own from here...

  • 1 cup any kind of cheap Peanut Butter - 1517 cal - 233 g
  • 1 cup sugar - 774 cal - 207 g
  • 1 egg - 60 cal - 53 g
  • Optional - One Chocolate Kiss per cookie.  Unwrapped, of course.
  • Add all ingredients to the bowl.
  • Blend all ingredients together to make a uniform batter.
  • Texture will be like a soft modeling clay.
  • Drop one teaspoon (roughly) or 20 grams of batter per cookie onto Parchment Paper or Foil lined cookie sheet.
  • Roll each drop of dough into a ball and flatten with a large-ish dinner fork for the traditional cross hatch pattern.
  • Cookies should be somewhat flat and will spread while baking. 
  • Bake Cookies for 10 minutes at 350F or 180C or until just beginning to turn golden brown.
  • Allow cookies to firm up for a minimum of 5 minutes before moving to cool completely.
  • Enjoy with milk or coffee.
2351 cal per batch.  493 g total weight.  Divide into 24 pieces. 20.5g each

There, wasn't that easy?

Recipe was adapted from this video below.  Worth a watch for this crazy Aussie Bloke's video style too.

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