Saturday, May 2, 2015

Lost In The Himalayas

Deep in the Himalayas, a hiker has been traveling for days, trying to find his way back down. Just as he's about to call it quits and give up, he spots a Buddhist monastery just a little ways ahead. When he gets to the monastery, one of the monks comes out to greet him.

"Hello," said the monk, "I am Brother Singh. What brings you all the way here to our monastery?"
"Well," said the hiker, "I've been wandering for days, trying to find a way off the mountains. I've had no luck, though... I'm hopelessly lost."
"You should come inside, we'll get you some food and water and a blanket to warm up. We're having a feast later on tonight as well, feel free to come."  Not one to refuse an offer like this, the hiker goes inside.

Later that evening, Brother Singh brings him to the feast. The first thing the hiker notices when he arrives is that some of the monks are standing up, saying numbers, and then the monks all burst out laughing.

"Brother Singh, why is it that everyone is cracking up at these numbers?" he asks.
"You see, all the monks here are only allowed to speak on one day each year - that day is today. They also love to tell jokes, so we numbered the jokes so that we can save time telling them all. You should give it a try!"

After contemplating for a moment, the hiker stands up and says "372."
The monks all break out in immense laughter, rolling on the floor and pounding on the tables.

"What... What was so funny?" the hiker asks.
"Well, they've never heard that one."

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