Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lettie's Gecko Chase Video

I have had this video for years.  It's only seven seconds.  17 with the lead in and credit frames.

We would walk Lettie around town and every time she saw the lizards here she would react like this.  Too fast to actually catch them, she'd overshoot and go for the next one after she'd bark at them to tell them to get off the sidewalk.

Silly dog I wish I had more video of you.

If I let her out in the yard, she'd ignore the lizards.  One day I even caught her with a lizard on her tail and she was sniffing at it.   I guess it's that Motion Thing.  Give Chase.  Bring Order to Chaos.

That's a McNab dog.  Things need to be in their place. They are the Project Managers of the canine world.  She'd send me off to do the work, so things would get done, but she knew that she could do that and someone else would pick up the slack.

Each night at 5pm or so when we'd hit this particular spot she'd take note.  Then she'd strain at the leash as if to say, "Damn it! I have a job to do, get out of my way!"

Bedlam.  Just Bedlam.

A dog of a lifetime, I wouldn't have anything but a McNab.  All the intelligence of those other breeds you hear about, but the calmness to know what to do about it.

Just don't tell anyone, ok?  You don't want a good thing ruined.

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