Sunday, November 2, 2014

Only on the Day You Change Your Clocks

Glowing on the windowsill:  4:00 AM.  Bright blue green numbers on the Internet Radio.

Groan.  Close the eyes.

I was done for, it was going to be another stupidly early morning.  I am NOT going out into this neighborhood at this time of morning and have everyone think I've lost my mind. 

Because I have, you would say.

Of course had it been yesterday at this time, it would have been 5:00 AM and I would not have had any room to grouse.

Close the eyes for a little more time, but Rack was awake.  Wasn't fair to him or any other pet.  This nonsense of moving clocks forward and back.

I grabbed my socks and cringed at the coolness of the floor. 

"Just set the bloody things and forget it!"

At least my nephew's clock radio was correct now.  I discovered that it was forgotten in the last time change about 2 months into it.  The face is Mickey Mouse and the hands are red, but it has all faded so that it's a bit tough to read in dim light. 

Never mind all that, lets go, Rack.

Checking in on the Lab Experiment in the kitchen, my one day old sourdough starter, I realized it was ready for later.  Smelling mildly of beer, it would make for some interesting bread for Lunch.

We stepped out into the unaccustomed cold.  The Northern Air Mass had leaked down into the southern tip of Florida and to find The Seventies, you would have to leave the country.

Or Texas which may as well be the same thing.

We were the only ones awake.  Even some of the street lights were off in the nearby parking lots.  It was so early that the cab driver who usually slept in his car at this time was not even here since he was just arriving.

Every business was closed or just starting the day.  Pizza place was making dough.  The all night restaurant had the lights on.  Nobody was out, not even the crickets.

The normal Florida background noise of Air Conditioning compressors was even silent due to the temperature being a cold 50 Degrees.

Ok, Cold to us.

But the only other time that it is this quiet was when the hurricanes came through and you're on a curfew then so how could you enjoy it.

Looking at my watch I saw the Summer Time still, it was just past 5:30, 4:30 to the rest of you.  The mental gymnastics of "Need a Penny, Take a Penny" time adjustment would fade in a week to be forgotten.  Even the dog would start getting up later - or whenever I do.

But Yeast never sleeps.  The business of making dough will happen when it is good and ready.  When I got home, it was just to early to wake the rest of the house to make my bread.  That will have to wait until the sun is well and truly up.  Even the coffee was drunk before 6 AM.

Not to worry, there are plenty of clocks to reset and plenty more beans in the cupboard.

You did remember to set your clocks back didn't you?

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