Saturday, November 22, 2014

An old dog, a leopard and a monkey

An old dog, a leopard and a monkey

An old dog got lost in the savanna...

Noticing easy prey, a leopard prepared for an ambush behind a tree.

However, the dog could also smell the leopard and being quite crafty he took a quick survey of the area and found a bone.

With the bone in his mouth he soliloquized "Oh my goodness, this is so tasty! I love leopard meat! I wish I could find another to eat!"

The leopard became nervous and decided to run away.

A monkey, who was watching the entire scene, ran after the leopard climbing from treetop to treetop.

Upon catching up to the leopard the monkey mocked him and told him how the old dog had tricked him.

Furious, the leopard ran back to the old dog being followed all the while above the trees by the monkey.

But the dog once again caught wind of the leopard and the monkey.

Thinking quickly on his feet the old dog said aloud "DAMMIT, where is that pesky monkey? He promised to bring me another leopard and he still hasn't come back!"

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