Saturday, November 29, 2014

An older couple were having a hard time remembering things

They arrived home from a walk and after a few minutes watching Television, the wife suddenly looks at her husband and says to him:
"You know, I could really go for some icecream! Would you mind going to the kitchen and getting me some?"

Her husband, always happy to be kind, walks to the kitchen, but on the way out there, he suddenly hears his wife yell to him:
"And could you bring some strawberries as well? I really like those with ice - and you better write that down, so that you won't forget it!"

Her husband, somewhat insulted, yells back:
"I don't need to write this down! Ice and Strawberry, I can remember that!"

"OK, but I would also like a glass of Cola!" - the wife yells.

"And you should really write that down, so that you won't forget what it is you where going to the kitchen for!"

"Nonsense! Icecream, Strawberries and Cola - That's easy to remember!"

About fifteen minutes later, the husband walks into the living room with a plate in his right hand, having bacon, some fried eggs and sausages on it. In his left hand, his holding a glass of milk.

He tries to put it on the table before his wife, when she looks angrily at him and screams:
"Where's the toast!!"

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