Saturday, November 15, 2014

An Old Couple Gets To Heaven

An Old Couple Gets to Heaven

...after spending 60 years being married.

When they reach the pearly gates, St George greets them and says, "Welcome! Let me show you what we have." The saint leads the couple to a massive golf course and a huge golf club, with premium equipment. "You'll never find anywhere better!"

George said. Looking at this, the woman was overjoyed, but the man seemed slightly angry.

Then the saint showed them an extremely long buffet table. "You can find any food in the world here!"

He said and the woman was delighted, but the old man seemed even more livid.

Then, St. George showed them a gigantic boulevard, filled with mansions with outstanding architecture. "Choose any one you like!"

George said. The woman couldn't have been happier, but the man has a complete fit of rage and storms off.

After his wife finds him, she asks him what's wrong, and he yells "If it wasn't for your damn bran muffins, I could've been here years ago!

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