Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pot Roast, Cherry Pie, and a Stuffed Thanksgiving

Our non traditional Thanksgiving feast is planned.  Some of it is even pre-fab, yes, frozen.

In this house?  Go figure?

I'm not really all that fond of mashed potatoes, so they're frozen.

The Roast is top bottom round, and there's over 6 pounds of it sitting in the bottom of the refrigerator.  That will be made with Port Wine so that it could be made into Port Wine gravy.  Trust me, if you have never had Port Wine gravy, it's a great excuse to try something new.  When it's made, it is great for slathering on a thick roll to soak in as you pile on the leftovers for sandwiches that seem to linger on into some time in Spring.

The pie crust is rolled out and will be filled with cherries.  My favorite, cherry pie.  Well, that and a Key Lime but I didn't have the time to make Key Lime pie this year.

Where all this will go I am not sure, but there will always be room for more. 

We're also going to try something different.  Our standard recipe is cook by time.  That irked me.  It would result in a "Well Done" beef roast that ended up having ends that are hard and dried out. 

This time we cook by temperature.  I'm planning on a roast cooked to an internal temperature of 150F.  That is the border of Medium and Medium Well.  It's a compromise since I prefer rare, and Kevin prefers well.  We're meeting in the middle. 

Other than that, have a great Thanksgiving feast. Like I said on the Wilton Manors Development Alliance Facebook feed earlier:

May your homes be full of friends and family,
May your main courses be tasty and perfectly cooked,
May the side dishes be savory and good,
And May your pumpkin pie be sweet and wonderful!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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