Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Small Red Jewel

A small red jewel,

Catches the eye from inside,

Soon to disappear.

Haiku often come to mind,

Playing with the language is helping you,

Work your way with many words.

Burma Shave. 

It also helps to have the same accent.

Haiku and doggerel not withstanding, I was.  Standing, that is.  Inside my house, waiting for Rack to stop walking around and wandering.  He had gotten rather distracted this particular morning and was pacing back to the big glass door in the Florida Room from the living room.  

I had finally decided it was time to get something to drink.  Coffee was done, I was fully caffeinated.  Standing up, I padded into the kitchen and grabbed a glass.  A Half of a Lime, a Key Lime, and two packets of sweetener are added to some water and ice.   Limeade.

What is it Rack?  Show me?

He padded to the back door to be let out for his final out before the routine of the day begins.

It was The Golden Hour, but I wasn't thinking this.  I went back into the kitchen and grabbed the glass of limeade and walked to the entry to the Florida Room.  Something was in my left eye.  Flickering in colors, I had managed to stand at the exact spot that a rainbow of light had formed.  Too small to have noticed on the darker wood on the wall, it made me think to grab the camera and the memory chip.

Walking outside to join Rack, I used a big palm tree as a brace.  Those Philodendron need to be brought under control, but that one last drop of dew was making it's presence known.  Hanging onto the tip, bringing color to a green and grey spot.

Come on, Boy, time to go in.  I'll pull those Philodendron later.

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