Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Every Computer Recycling Project Needs a Dog!

Any time I go out, I know the routine.

Leave the house, tell Rack to "Watch the House".   It brings good luck and more importantly it lets Rack know that he's going to have a block of time to be quiet and chill out.

A McNab Dog doesn't ever completely Chill.  They're the Business Analysts or Project Managers of the Canine world.  Give them a task, they will perform it flawlessly, and they will perform it until they have been told they are off duty. 

How does your Herding Dog go off duty?  I'm not completely sure, I've never seen him off duty.   Even when I'm asleep in bed at night, he's watching over things making sure all is well.

When I come back, I know that anything I have brought in is going to get a thorough examination.  Sniffed completely for information, your Herding Dog knows what you did, where you went, and what you are bringing into the house whether you like it or not.   He may not understand that that plastic bag is from the supermarket but he sure knows that you've just tried to sneak in some Doggie Snacks along with the Peanut Butter, Marshmallows, and Graham Crackers.

Don't share too much with them, they just get fat and sugar will surely rot their teeth.

A while back my house got filled with a computer recycling project.  There was a stack of laptops that needed to be looked into.  Triage - the act of looking at something, determining whether it is alive, dead, or can be resurrected, is done on all of them.  This time I was lucky.  100 Percent good!  They will all find some new homes and new purposes.

The whole time I was working on this one particular machine, passing it back and forth around the house, setting it up on a table, then my lap, then on Kevin to do some more configuration, Rack was paying attention.

Wet nose would snuffle around the edges.  The one machine kept breathing a mild smell of tobacco smoke.  Why someone would want to smoke is beyond me, the drug of tobacco takes more than it gives, but that is not something I will allow in the house.  I'll be giving it another cleaning to try to help.  Maybe a wipe down with some products on the way.

Someone will end up with that and I hope I can dampen that smell.

But Rack noticed it.  The entire time the machine was being worked with that wet nose was snuffling along.

Finally the evening wound down like my clock when the weight landed on top of the water jug, it came to a stop.  It was time for me to set that machine aside and prepare to go out into the evening for our final walk.

Wet nose went into action as I walked out of the room.  He tried to log into the computer.

Rack snuffled the machine and started to lick the little finger recognition strip on the computer.  Not once
but eight times.  To its credit, Windows 7 tried to talk to Rack.

Would you like to set up your log in?

No, I'm a dog.

Would you like to set up your log in?

You are tasty but no thanks.

Would you like to set up your log in?

What was this person eating?  I think it was a she, I'm sure.

Would you like to set up your log in?

No, but it kind of tastes like what dad was eating!

Rack!  Stop that, you shouldn't lick the laptop!

Silly dog, just wants to help but he doesn't realize that he doesn't have opposable thumbs. 

Windows 7 is good for a lot of things, and works fairly well, but it is not for dogs.

I'll get the cleaners out.  I'm sure it needs more help.  The smell will fade but ... Aww Rack, leave the laptop alone!

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