Saturday, September 27, 2014

An Engineer Dies

An Engineer Dies

An engineer dies and stands before St. Peter at the gates of heaven.

After going through all his records, St. Peter finds that the man must go to hell.

The engineer complains, as he's always been loyal to his wife and friends, never stolen, and always tried to lead a good life.

"I'll take it up with the boss," says St. Peter. "But it will be a few weeks before we get an answer, and until then you'll have to stay in hell."

Two weeks later, after the case has been gone over, St. Peter calls down to Satan, telling him that a mistake as been made and to release the engineer.

"No," says Satan.
"Why not?"
"In the past two weeks he fixed the air conditioner, fixed my wireless network, upgraded the internet to high speed, and within a week we're going to have a new ice cream machine. He's staying," comes Satan's answer.

"You can't do this!" exclaims St. Peter. "By all rights he should be in heaven! We'll take you to court if we have to!"

"Sounds fair," says Satan calmly. "But where are you going to find a lawyer."

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