Sunday, September 14, 2014

Building a Doghouse and Three Spies got Caught

Building a Doghouse

One day, a blonde walks by little Johnny's house.
Johnny is building a new doghouse for his puppy on the front lawn.

The blonde walks up to Johnny and says: "That's a nice doghouse you're building! But what is that pile of nails doing behind you?"
"Oh, those are nails which have the pointy bit on the top side, and the head on the bottom. But I only need nails with the head on top, and the point on the bottom!", Johnny replies.

"Why are you throwing those away? That's such a waste!", says the blonde. "Just use those nails for the ceiling!"

Three spies from Germany, France and Italy got caught spying on the Russians...

First one to get interrogated was the German. He lasted 1 hour of torture until he gave up and told them what he knew.

Then it was the French's turn. He lasted 3 hours of torture until he gave up.

The Italian spy was gone for almost 7 hours and the German and French started to get worried, when suddenly the Italian was thrown back in the cell.

The German asked: "How the hell did you last so long?"

Italian: "I tried to tell them everything, but they bound my hands behind my back"

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