Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth Of July - Now, Keep Your Pets Indoors Tonight

I'm glad that this sort of thing is getting some "traction" these days.

Oh sure, those without dogs will just shrug, or worse laugh it off and toss firecrackers around the yard closest to your side of the fence.

But as someone who has a fearful dog, I see it first hand.

When the storms come, my own Rack, the McNab SuperDog(TM) crawls into a corner and hides.  Then he starts to shiver to the point where the furniture is vibrating.

It's not a good scene.

We're expecting Thunderstorms today, in fact there's a rogue cloud floating around
at this very moment.  That was what got me started on this bit.  I've got on my own noise canceling headphones and some electronic trance music on so it's got to be close for me to hear it.  But when it goes quiet, I hear Rack's dog tags rattling. 

He's not a happy camper when it comes to this sort of thing.

Last night, Friday, I knew some yahoo would be firing off fireworks.  We had dinner, then our dog walk, then I sprang into action.  I drugged my dog.  That sounds a bit severe, but I do have some "herbal stuff" I got from the Vet.  It takes the edge off, and it helped.

When dusk happened at 8:30ish, they started firing off their rockets.  Rack was breathing a bit hard but wasn't shivering.  At least I knew that the "Herbal Stuff" helped.

Tonight I'll do the same thing.

If you're going to give your dog a sedative, do it with the Vet's knowledge.  Don't just grab grandma's happy pills and "hope for the best".  The pills I've got here are prescribed.

As for the timing?  That was intentional - I did it a couple hours before sunset because if your dog is hearing all those fearful rockets and you give him the pills, they won't work. 

I'll be doing the same at around 6PM tonight.

As for that first picture?  Well I'll copy in what I said last year.

Having borrowed the first picture from Facebook, I wanted to credit the organization I borrowed it from.

The N.O.A.H Animal Adoption Spay and Neuter Center - or Northwest Organization for Animal Help (NOAH) "is dedicated to stopping the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable and treatable homeless dogs and cats in  Washington State. We are committed to high quality spay and neuter programs available for low income residents, family friendly pet adoptions,  humane education, and volunteer programs through our state-of-the-art facilities and Spay/Neuter Center."

They are based in Stanwood, Washington so if you are thinking about a pet you can check out their furry friends that are available or check out their photo tour.

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