Friday, July 3, 2015

Wilton Manors Florida Skies, Stonewall Pride

Other than the question of who in their right mind runs a street festival in the middle of South Florida in June, it was rather a nice day.

90 Degrees, brilliant sun, and a breeze that wasn't too strong.

Not bad really, I mean there were some nutbags predicting doom and gloom for anywhere that had a Stonewall Festival.  Not here.  Oh sure, it was held at least a month later than the locals would have thought right, but there wasn't a problem to be seen in the conditions.

After all, there was no rain, it could have been hotter like in some other cities north of here, and those torrential downpours were reserved for places that the nutbags were at like Texas.

Then again things are always nutty in Texas.

This is what I get to see most days.  Weather like this. 

Never really gets much hotter.  Sure, 95 at the peak, but I've been in hotter in Philadelphia.  One day I was at the Art Museum there when the conditions were announced as being 101F.  I merely stood up and continued on, did another 5  miles on my inline skate workout.

Heat is not a problem for me.

I did like the picture, and didn't really know what I'd do with it.  Other than turn it into a Postcard From Florida, and place it in the blog.  I'm sure I'll put it to use somehow.  After all, it is good as an illustration of what it looks like down here.

90F with a 20 percent chance of showers.

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