Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Chicken Walks Into A Library

A chicken walks into a library, walks directly up to the librarian and says "book book".
The librarian, looking a little puzzled, hands the chicken a book.
The chicken puts the book under its wing and walks out.

The next day the same chicken comes back and says to the librarian "book book".
Again the librarian hands it a book and again the chicken grabs the book and walks out.

The next day it happens yet again!
Chicken walks in "book book", the librarian hands it a book and the chicken walks out.

This time though the librarian decides to follow the chicken.
It runs down the street, through a park and into a small wooded area with a pond.
There, sitting on a lily pad is a green frog.

The chicken places the book on the bank closest to the frog and says "book book".
The frog takes one look and says "read it".

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