Sunday, July 5, 2015

A father and His 11 Year Old Son are Walking Through the Pharmacy One Day

A father and his 11 year old son are walking through the pharmacy one day.

As they walk past the family planning aisle, the son points to the condoms and asks "Dad, what are those?"

The father realizes his son is old enough to learn about such things, so he tells him "Well, those are called condoms. Men use them when they have sex to be safe and not get girls pregnant."

"Okay." the son responds. "Who are those for?" he asks while pointing at the 3 pack.

"Those" the father replies, "are for men in high school: One for Friday night, one for Saturday night, and one for Sunday night"

"What about those?" the son asks pointing to the 6 pack.
"Those are for college aged men: Two for Friday, two for Saturday, and two for Sunday?" the father responds.

"And what about those?" the son asks pointing to the 12 pack.

With an air of confidence, the father looks up and says "Those, son, are for married men: One for January, one for February, one for March..."

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