Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Am I Boring You?

I spent the last two weeks being a Remote Navigator and Remote Support Person.

Perhaps that is a bit of an "overboard" description, but in some ways it fits.

When someone close goes overseas and then goes again to another place within the same country but not the same country, well you end up getting asked questions.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I was having a bit of fun sending pictures along at the same time to explain things.

In this case, he's back though.  Kevin.  Went to London, then to Isle of Man.  The Isle of Man is its own separate autonomous area where they have the oldest Parliament in the world called the Tynwald

I won't comment directly since I hadn't been there, but it did sound like a great place to go to relax and get away from it all since everything seems to close shop at 6pm. 

Better not have an emergency and need a snack at 7pm!  From the weather stats I saw, you had better do it in August and bring heavy clothes.  68F, 20C as a high in August just sounds frigid to my Florida Acclimated Soul since that basically is as cold as it gets in Winter here.

It works for them and I am not judging.

At one point we were having the conversation equivalent of a small dog yapping and chasing its tail.  Not really sure what it was.  One of us was making a point, the other wasn't getting it.  Five time zones away, a different continent, and all that.  Tends to make it more difficult explaining things.

In the middle of the conversation, Rack came by and apparently wanted some attention.  Then I bored him.

My only complaint about all of that is that I wish I had gotten the picture in better focus!

Timely photograph.  Since we both were on good connections on the internet I was just sending pictures along and getting them in return. 

I'll save the shot though.  It's a bit too fuzzy to do all that much with but who knows what else I can come up with.  A little photoshop here and there never hurt a model on a runway, so it won't hurt my dog.

Curious that it took me two years to notice that little black spot on his tongue.  McNab Dogs are known for their speckles!

Welcome Back Kevin, take my shovel and help me out of this hole that I've dug for myself.

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