Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Duck Walks Into A Bar

A duck walks into a bar and asks for a beer and pretzels.

The bartender says, "I've never seen a talking duck."
The duck replies, "Well, I work as a plasterer in the new construction down the street."

The duck becomes a regular at the bar, coming in every day to order beer and pretzels.

So one day a circus comes to town.

The ringmaster comes into the bar and the bartender says, "You know what... there's a talking duck that works in the construction zone down the street. He comes in at lunch every day and orders beer and pretzels."

The ringmaster says, "Send him over! We can use a talking duck in the circus!"

Later that day the duck comes in and orders his beer and pretzels. The bartender serves him his beer and pretzels, and says, "You know, there's a circus in town, and they want to talk to you about a job."

"A circus? You mean, that place with the big tents?" The bartender says, "Yup!" "And all the the animals and such?"

"Yup," says the bartender.

The duck answers, "Why the heck do they want a plasterer?"

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