Saturday, February 21, 2015

Little Billy In Math Class

Little Billy was in math class and the teacher asked, 'If there are 4 birds on a telephone wire, and the farmer shoots one of them off, how many are left?'

Little Billy raises his hand and the teacher calls on him, 'Yes Billy?'

Little Billy says 'Zero! Because when the farmer shoots the other birds will fly away!'

 The teacher says, 'Actually, the answer is 3, but I like the way you think.'

 Now this got little Billy steamed.

 He knows what happens when you shoot a gun around birds so plots to get his teacher back.

At recess, little Billy approaches his teacher.

He says to his teacher, 'Teacher, can I ask you something?'

She says 'Sure Billy, what is it?'

He says, well you see those 3 girls across the street eating ice cream?'

She says, 'Yes.'

Little Billy says, the first one is just nibbling at it a bit, the second one is licking the sides and the third one is gobbling it down. Which one is married?'

The teacher is a bit perplexed but says, 'I guess it's the one gobbling it down.'

 Little Billy says, 'No, it's the one with the wedding ring on, but I like the way you think!'

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