Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Homeless Man Goes To A Fortune Teller

A homeless man who spends his days street performing on an old guitar for some loose change decides to spend the money on a fortune teller one day.

The fortune teller tells the homeless man that she has good news and bad news for him.

The homeless asks to hear the good news first.

She begins to tell the man about his after-life. She tells him that he will meet Elvis and John Lennon in the after-life, and that the three of them together are going to be the next top hit band.

The homeless man leaps from joy, realizing his experience with the old guitar has aided him well.

Having already thanked the fortune teller and shook her hand, he pauses for a moment on his way out to turn around say, "Oh yeah, I forgot to ask you what the bad news was?."

"Auditions are tomorrow."